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Signs Your Pet Has Ingested a Foreign Object

Signs Your Pet Has Ingested a Foreign Object

Pets are curious creatures. Left to their own devices, your dogs and cats can get into all kinds of trouble, particularly if they ingest a toxic substance or foreign object. Pet poisoning due to consuming a toxic substance is more common than people may think. If you suspect your pet may have swallowed something harmful, call East Valley Emergency Pet Clinic in Diamond Bar right away for emergency pet care.

Signs Your Pet May Have Ingested a Foreign Object

Even if you maintain a safe home environment, there may come a time when your pet swallows something he shouldn’t. The following are some signs to look out for if you feel your pet may have ingested a foreign object:

  • Constant vomiting or diarrhea
  • Pain or tenderness in the abdominal area
  • Straining when defecating/inability to defecate
  • Loss of appetite
  • Sudden behavioral changes such as signs of aggression when handled

Diagnosing Your Pets’ Condition

If your pets display any of the symptoms above, contact our Diamond Bar emergency veterinarian immediately for counsel. We may request that you bring your pets into our clinic as soon as possible for diagnosis and emergency pet care. Our vet will carefully examine your pets and take note of their symptoms. If necessary, we’ll take abdominal x-rays or blood and urine testing to confirm that your pets have indeed ingested a foreign object.

Treatment for Foreign Body Ingestion

If a swallowed object is obstructing your pets’ stomach or intestines, we may need to perform exploratory surgery. In many cases, however, foreign bodies pass on their own through your pets’ stool. Depending on the circumstances, your pets may need to be hospitalized for observation. If your pets swallow a toxic substance, they could be in danger of poisoning. Working with an experienced emergency veterinarian is key to getting the prompt, effective help you need to treat your pets and expedite their recovery.

See Our Vet for Emergency Pet Care

For help in dealing with emergency situations with your pet, contact East Valley Emergency Pet Clinic in Diamond Bar at 909-861-5737.

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