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Posted on 02-15-2017

What to do if Your Dog is Coughing in Diamond Bar

Most dogs eventually develop health issues that may cause them to cough more than usual. Since dogs cough abnormally for a variety of reasons, it can be difficult for dog owners to determine if coughing is temporary or a definite health concern. Keep reading for more information, or visit our web page for more information on coughing and choking for dogs.

Dog getting medical attention at veterinarian in Diamond Bar.

Our Diamond Bar Veterinarian Discusses 8 Reasons Your Dog May Be Coughing

You should bring your dog immediately to our veterinary hospital in Diamond Bar if your pet is coughing up foamy fluid, mucus or blood mixed with mucus or foam. Possible reasons for a persistent cough accompanied by foamy liquid or blood include:

  1. Kennel Cough - a hacking cough, white foam around the mouth and eye/nose discharge may be signs of a kennel cough, a highly contagious, upper respiratory infection exclusive to dogs.
  2. Ingestion of Foreign Objects - a natural reaction to swallowing non-food objects, coughing means the foreign object is probably lodged deep in the throat and is irritating the dog's gag reflex. In cases where they require pet emergency surgery, Diamond Bar residents bring their dogs to our pet emergency clinic for prompt, professional attention.
  3. Pancreatitis - inflammation of the canine pancreas can cause coughing and/or vomiting as dogs try to eliminate undigested food in their stomach. White foam around the mouth, fever and abdominal pain are other symptoms of pancreatitis.
  4. Parvovirus - diarrhea (sometimes containing blood) and coughing accompanied by foam may indicate a dog is infected with the parvovirus, a serious disease preventable with vaccinations. Contact our veterinary hospital in Diamond Bar for more information about parvo vaccinations.
  5. Pneumonia - dogs with fluid in their lungs will have wet-sounding, gurgling coughs that may be accompanied by foaming at the mouth.
  6. Collapsing Trachea - frequent bouts of bronchitis, obesity and constant pulling on the dog's collar increase the risk for this condition. Dogs with a collapsed trachea may have a honking, loud cough that worsens without treatment.
  7. Ingestion of toxic items - if their throat becomes irritated due to eating something caustic or toxic, dogs will cough uncontrollably. Foam around the mouth may be tinged with the color of whatever they ingested.
  8. Heartworm - early stages of a heartworm infection are asymptomatic. As more parasites crowd the lungs and heart, dogs will cough more frequently as they try to compensate for the lack of oxygen in their blood.

If your Pet is Experiencing a Pet Emergency, Bring them in Today!

If your dog suffers from a chronic cough, please contact our pet emergency clinic in Diamond Bar today at 909-895-0150.

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