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Fleas and Ticks Prevention

Summertime is fast approaching, and that means an increase in tick and flea problems for your dog or cat. At East Valley Emergency Pet Clinic we believe that preventative care is the best veterinary medicine, and that includes flea and tick prevention. By taking care of the problem of these parasites ahead of time, you can reduce or eliminate the danger of health complications that some pets have when exposed to these blood-sucking insects.

Dog scratching due to fleas and ticks

Problems with Fleas and Ticks

Every pet owner is familiar with the scratching reaction to the occasional itch of a flea or tick bite. An annoying itch is the least of the problems from these parasites, though. If your pet is infested badly enough, they can scratch long and hard enough to draw blood, pull out fur, and even do damage to the skin and muscles. Some pets are allergic to the saliva ticks and fleas leave when they bite, and can have severe allergic reactions requiring emergency veterinary treatment.

Flea and Tick Medication

There are multiple types of flea and tick medication that work to prevent parasite infestations. Each one has a different use, and sometimes they can be used together to create a better layer of protection, in case your pet will be in an especially infested environment.

Topical treatments are the most popular used right now. They're drops of medication that you apply to your pet's skin once a month. These drops prevent fleas and ticks from hosting on your pet's body, and kill any that try. They're inexpensive, have few side effects, and simple to use.

Flea and tick sprays kill the bugs on contact. They can add an extra layer of protection, as well as treating your home if your pet brings fleas or ticks into the house. Sprays are alcohol based, and can have a reaction in some pets and their owners.

Oral medications have the benefit of treating the entire animal with no chance of missing spots. Some oral medicines are meant to protect against ticks, while others work solely against fleas.

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Whether your pet has been infested yet or not, we can help the situation from becoming worse. Our professional team is experienced with all the types of parasite prevention, and we'll advise you on which type is the best for your pet. If the damage has already been done, we have remedies from oral medication to flea dips as well as advice on treating your home. Give us a call at (909) 861-5737 and we'll be happy to make an appointment for you and your pet today.

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