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Pet Injuries

Like children, pets are prone to their share of accidental injuries. Active or inquisitive pets are at greater risk of getting hurt in an accident or rough play. At East Valley Emergency Pet Clinic in Diamond Bar, CA, we’re well-versed in treating pet injuries, both big and small. Some injuries may be more serious than others, requiring emergency pet care. If you encounter any of these common injuries with your pet, you can count on our team to provide quality care.


Eye Trauma

Both dogs and cats are prone to eye injuries. Your pet may hurt his eye during play indoors or when romping around in the park. Even a mild eye injury can be serious as it could cause vision loss. If you notice your pet blinking excessively, tearing up for no reason, or pawing his eye, notify your vet. When in doubt, bring your pet in for a checkup to ensure he’s okay.

Animal Bites

Animal fights are fairly common between dogs and cats. If your kit or pup gets into a “quarrel” with one of his own, he may wind up with some lacerations, bruises, or bites. Bleeding wounds should be examined by our Diamond vet. Your pet may need stitches or antibiotics to protect him from infection. By bringing your pet to our animal hospital, he can get professional veterinary care to help him heal.

If your pet is attacked by a wild animal (raccoon, possum, snake, etc.), contact our animal hospital right away for emergency pet care. Wild animals can carry diseases that can be deadly to your pet.

Foreign Body Ingestion

Dogs chew on things like sticks, stones, shoes, food wrappers, wicker baskets, rubber balls, cushions, and other foreign objects. If ingested, foreign objects can cause blockages in your pet’s intestines. Repeated vomiting or uncontrolled diarrhea could be signs that your pet has eaten something he shouldn’t have. An evaluation done by our veterinarian will determine what’s wrong with your pet.  


Car accidents can cause all kinds of injuries to your pet, including lacerations, internal bleeding, and fractures. Bone fractures require immediate veterinary care. If you think your dog or kit has a fracture after an accident, contact our vet right away so we can be prepared for when you bring your pet in. Severe fractures may require surgery for treatment.

Visit Our Diamond Bar, CA, Vet

As a valued member of your family, your pet deserves the best care. When emergencies arise, you can trust our Diamond Bar veterinarian to provide prompt and effective emergency pet care. To learn more, contact East Valley Emergency Pet Clinic in Diamond Bar, CA at 909-861-5737 today.

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