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Soft Tissue Repairs

East Valley Emergency Clinic Provides Soft Tissue Repairs

An emergency can happen at any time, even though you do your best to ensure the health and safety of your pet. Soft tissue repairs can be needed for any injury to the soft tissues of the body, whether or not an external wound is present. At East Valley Emergency Clinic in Diamond Bar, CA, we can help when your pet requires an emergency soft tissue repair.


What Is Soft Tissue Surgery?

Soft tissue includes any part of the animal’s body that does not involve the bones or spine. The term is used to indicate injuries of the eyes, ears, mouth, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. This area of veterinary care can also include damage to internal organs or cancerous growths. In many cases, pet owners are unsure how their pets' injuries developed. Careful diagnosis done by our veterinarian can determine the underlying cause of the problem, so appropriate treatment can begin.

Conditions That May Require Soft Tissue Care

Soft tissue injuries often occur as a result of an unusual or extreme movement that injures muscles or other soft tissues around the joints. An obstruction in the abdomen, fall, or impact to an area of the body can cause a soft tissue injury. In some cases, tumors in an animal's body tissues can be the cause of problems. A severe open wound may require reconstruction to properly heal. These are all situations that our emergency veterinarian can help to resolve.

Treatment of Soft Tissue Injuries

Depending on the problem, pet surgery may be needed to correct an underlying problem or injury. This would be the case in a tumor growing in soft tissues that is affecting an animal's ability to function. In other cases, your vet may prescribe medications, rest, bracing, or other therapies to help heal soft tissues. In some cases, ongoing physical therapy may be needed to restore normal function, as well as medications to manage pain.

Make East Valley Emergency Clinic Your Choice for Soft Tissue Repairs

Dr. Shepherd and Dr. Chu are trained in all aspects of emergency veterinary care, to ensure their patients in Diamond Bar, CA, and the nearby communities receive the treatment they need in emergency situations. We offer care for all types of emergencies, including car accidents, bites from other animals, breathing problems, heatstroke, ingestion of poisons, bleeding, seizures, bone fractures, and snakebites. Call East Valley Emergency Clinic at 909-861-5737 when your pet needs soft tissue repair and emergency care.

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