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Fleas and Ticks Prevention

Flea and Tick Prevention: What Can Be Done to Protect 

Your Pets in Diamond Bar, CA

The word “parasites” is enough to make any pet owner cringe. No one wants their pets to suffer from a parasite infestation of any kind, especially fleas and ticks. These two parasites wreak havoc to pets in more ways than one. To protect your pets from them, provide your animals preventative treatment that our veterinarians at East Valley Emergency Pet Clinic in Diamond Bar, CA, recommends.


What Fleas and Ticks Can Cause

Fleas are notorious for causing dermatology issues, such as itchy skin, inflamed skin, bumps, scabs, and redness. They can also trigger allergies in pets with their bites. If not detected or treated right away, they can multiple and jump from pet to pet or pet to human.

Ticks are blood-sucking parasites that not only cause skin problems, but they can also transmit harmful diseases such as Lyme disease. Lyme disease is a bacterial infection that at first causes a rash, fatigue, and fever, but then turns severe by affecting the joints, heart, and nervous system. It is one of the reasons why pet vaccinations are important for this disease.

Do Your Best to Protect Your Pet

Being proactive in protecting your pets from fleas and ticks is a must so that they can remain in optimal health. Checking your pets’ coat for the presence of these parasites will enable you to seek out treatment right away. Make it a priority to do spot checks regularly. Keep on top of cleaning inside of your home, so flea eggs and larvae do not accumulate on the floors or upon your pets’ bedding. Wash their bedding in hot water frequently as well. Outside, keep your lawn trim and tend to areas where you may have noticed fleas or ticks in the past. Avoid allowing your pets to walk around in tall brushes, grass, and wooded areas.

Obtain Flea and Tick Prevention Care from Our Veterinarians

Our veterinarians are available to help with any parasite problem your pets encounter. They can inspect your pets’ coat and skin and check for fleas and ticks. If your pets’ have either one of them, our vets can prescribe treatment to get rid of them. If your animals don’t have fleas and ticks, we can recommend collars or monthly spot-on, oral, or topical preventative products to ward these parasites off of your pets. 

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If your dogs or cats haven’t had their pet vaccinations against Lyme disease, or if you need expert advice about flea and tick prevention, contact our veterinarians at East Valley Emergency Pet Clinic in Diamond Bar, CA, today at 909-861-5737.

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