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Toe Amputation

An Overview of Toe Amputation in Pets from East Valley Emergency Pet Clinic

At East Valley Emergency Pet Clinic, our job is to make sure that we provide care to every pet who comes into our office. We also know that many individuals and families are going to be nervous when they hear that their loved one is getting ready for pet surgery. While there are many operations that we can our clinic in Diamond Bar, CA, provide, one of the operations that we perform from time to time is called a toe amputation. This is a specialized type of pet amputation that we walk our families through step by step.

Why Is Toe Amputation Required in Pets?

We do not perform a pet amputation procedure unless we have exhausted all other options. Typically, we recommend toe amputation because the tissue that supports the toe has died. Often, this tissue dies because it has been involved in a serious incident that deprives it of its supply of oxygen and nutrients. For example, there might be a traumatic accident that slices through the blood vessels that typically provide support to the toe. In other situations, there might even be an infection of the toe and we are concerned the infection may spread elsewhere. In this situation, we will cut off the toe to prevent the infection from hurting other parts of the body.

How We Perform Toe Amputations at East Valley Emergency Pet Clinic

If your pet needs a toe amputation, we are going to take good care of them from start to finish. First, we are going to review the procedure with you. Then, we will take your pet back to our operating room. We will put your pet to sleep using anesthesia. After this, a trained surgeon will complete the amputation, making sure to ligate the blood vessels carefully to minimize blood loss. Finally, we will cut off the bone and close the surgical site preserving as much of the cosmetic look as possible. We will take your pet to the recovery area to wake up in a calm environment. Trust us to take care of your pet!

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At East Valley Emergency Pet Clinic, we will do everything we can to make sure that your pet is well cared for. Even if your pet requires a toe amputation, we are still going to walk you through this procedure step by step. If you are looking for a compassionate veterinarian in Diamond Bar, CA who can handle pet surgery, then give us a call at 909-861-5737 to make an appointment. We look forward to meeting your pet!

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